Smoked Meats Online


Here at Kurzweils we pride ourselves in offering a vast variety of smoked sausages and bratwurst all made right here in our facility.  We have over 35 flavors to choose from ranging from sweet to spicy and sometimes both.  Without a doubt you will find something for everyone in this category. If you would like to order a variety of sausages instead 3 or 6 of the same kind just contact us here at the store.

Lunch Loafs

Our lunch loaves are just like your grandparents would remember as a kid. From a traditional bologna to an interesting pizza loaf, they make a great sandwich that is sure to please.


Our bacon is Maple cured and smoked for several hours with a combination of hickory and cherry wood. This gives our bacon a wonderful sweet smoky flavor that is not only good for breakfast but for topping hamburgers and BLTs.

Deli Meats

The best sandwiches are made with fresh deli meat. For lunches that please, you'll find something for even the pickiest of eaters in our deli meats.

Summer Sausage


We have a variety of flavors in our summer sausage category. From our traditional to a spicy pepper jack, there is something to please everyone. We also have Salami and a traditional ring bologna and a sweet Lebanon bologna.

Jerkey and Snack Sticks

Our award winning jerky is always a great snack. We offer beef jerky and spicy beef jerky as well as very popular bbq pork jerky. This is great for camping or just snacking between meals.

Hams and Turkey

We have quite a variety in our hams and turkeys section. From a traditional bone-in ham to a boneless turkey breast, they are sure to make any get together an instant hit.

Chops, Ribs and Fish


This category has our famous award winning smoked pork chops, mouth watering smoked ribs and our smoked salmon. All of these products are fully cooked; just heat and eat. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.